External Advisors

SGH maintains exclusive relationships with a number of trusted advisors for additional information, depth and insight on their respective areas of expertise.

Europe - EU, Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Alfonso Ricciardelli practiced banking and financial law early in his career and later worked as a lobbyist on financial services regulatory issues in Brussels. He subsequently worked in the European Commission, in the DG Internal Market, before joining SGH Macro Advisors, where he worked until September 2014. Since then, he is an independent consultant in Europe, working with SGH on Eurozone monetary and fiscal policy. Alfonso is an Italian lawyer who holds a B.A. and J.D. from Federico Secondo

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Japan – Bank of Japan, Politics, and Fiscal Policy
Haruyoshi Mabuchi (Haru) is President of Bouquet de Fleurettes, an independent research firm based in Tokyo that follows the Japanese and global politics and economies and equity, fixed-income and foreign exchange markets.

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Oil & Middle East – Energy Policy and Geopolitics
Bill Farren-Price is founder and CEO of Petroleum Policy Intelligence – an independent research firm based in London offering research and briefings on oil and gas policy in key producer and consumer countries, with special emphasis on Middle East and North Africa region geopolitics and economics.

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US – Fiscal Policy and Politics
Michael Boland is founder and President of Washington, D.C. based Dome Advisors, an independent research firm providing analysis of US fiscal policy and political developments. He advises SGH on Washington and Capitol Hill politics and is a frequent speaker on policy and political matters to financial services firms.

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