Bill Farren-Price

Oil & Middle East – Energy Policy and Geopolitics

Bill Farren-Price is founder and CEO of Petroleum Policy Intelligence – an independent research firm based in London offering research and briefings on oil and gas policy in key producer and consumer countries, with special emphasis on Middle East and North Africa region geopolitics and economics.

Before that he was Energy Director at Medley Global Advisors and prior to that editor at Middle East Economic Survey (MEES) in Cyprus, focused on Middle East oil, politics and finance. Farren-Price started following the Middle East and Oil markets as Middle East/Senior Energy correspondent for BridgeNews and the Middle East Economic Digest, in London and Cyprus.

Farren-Price has regular TV appearances on Bloomberg, Reuters TV, CNBC, BBC as well as national broadcasters in Austria, Japan, Iran, UAE discussing oil and Middle East affairs. He is also cited in the Economist, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, London Telegraph and Independent as well as financial and general news wires including Reuters, Dow Jones, Bloomberg and AFP, and is a guest columnist for the  International Herald Tribune, Petroleum Economist, Middle East International.

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