Haruyoshi Mabuchi

Consultant - Japan

Haruyoshi Mabuchi (Haru)  is President of Bouquet de Fleurettes, an independent research firm based in Tokyo that follows the Japanese and global politics and economies and equity, fixed-income and foreign exchange markets.

Before running Bouquet de Fleurettes, Mabuchi was Chief Strategist for Nikko group and worked for Nikko Securities, one of the largest securities houses in Japan and its subsidiary, Nikko Research Center and Nikko Asset Management. Mabuchi advises domestic Japanese investors and maintains strong relationships with government officials and central bankers in Tokyo. He often appears on major market-related media programs such as Nikkei CNBC, Radio Nikkei, and Stock Voice, and is also a columnist in the Nikkei Newspaper and Toyo Keizai Online.

Mabuchi was born in 1958 in Tokyo, Japan, and graduated from Tokyo University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, and from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Sloan School of Management with a Master of Science in Management.

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