“A Conversation with Isabel Schnabel”

March 27, 2023
SGH Macro Advisors, in partnership with Columbia University, hosted a panel discussion entitled “A Conversation with Isabel Schnabel,” Executive Board Member of the European Central Bank, on Monday, March 27, 2023, in New York City from 11:00 to 12:15 pm Eastern time. SGH’s CEO Sassan Ghahramani hosted and moderated the panel, featuring Ms. Schnabel, and Columbia University’s Richard Clarida, most recently Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve. At this event, ECB Board Member Isabel Schnabel, who has been among the most influential and prescient voices on the European Central Bank leadership in its current battle against inflation, shares her views and comments on the Eurozone, followed by a lively and topical panel discussion on the policy challenges and economic outlook for the European and global economies as we enter the second quarter of 2023.
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