Connecting Global Markets and Policy

SGH provides well-informed, timely reports on the major central banks and on fiscal, political, and geopolitical events that drive the global fixed income, equity, and foreign exchange markets.

SGH is highly respected for “Tim Duy’s Fed Watch” reports covering the US economy and Federal Reserve policy decisions, as well as for the team’s coverage of the Eurozone and European Central Bank, China’s politics and economy, central banks including the Bank of Japan, Bank of England, Reserve Bank of Australia, and Bank of Canada, and major geopolitical events that affect financial markets.

The SGH team combines expertise and analysis of monetary and economic policy, politics, and markets, with primary sourced information to deliver cutting edge, market relevant reports and briefings. Our analysis is enhanced through on-going relationships and dialogue with some of the world’s most influential hedge funds, asset managers, and financial policymakers.

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SGH focuses solely on macro policy and does not cover companies, sectors, restricted, or regulatory issues. The firm does not advocate or take positions, lobby, sell access, advertise, or execute trades. SGH stands proudly and solely accountable for the quality and value of its independent analysis and insight.

SGH Macro Advisors, LLC was founded in 2009 by Sassan Ghahramani and is headquartered in Greenwich, CT.

Our Services

The ability to rapidly collect, analyze, and connect key inputs across disciplines and geographic regions, with a unique blend of financial policy, economic, and market expertise, enables SGH to deliver consistent, highly valued information and insight to traders, investors, and policymakers.

  • SGH combines concise reports with one-on-one phone calls and group meetings to ensure clients receive personalized, timely information and insights.
  • SGH provides its advisory services on a retainer basis to accredited and institutional investors. SGH also provides briefings and reports on a courtesy basis to policymakers, and occasionally hosts roundtable meetings and invitational events.
  • SGH reports are always forward looking and focused on what will or may happen, rather than a recap or analysis of what has happened, or opinions and prescriptions for what should or should not happen.
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Independence, Accuracy, and Accountability

In a world filled with the noise of unfiltered and unaccountable opinions, conflicted research, group-think forecasts and models, rumors, chat rooms, and sensationalized news reports, SGH stands apart as a thought leader and highly respected provider of  cutting-edge insight and information to the markets – a firm known to help shape expectations of the most sophisticated and well-informed traders, investors, and policy makers around the globe.

  • SGH’s retainer-based revenue model is built on accuracy, independence, and accountability.
  • SGH has no need or interest in generating trades, web hits, ad revenues, or controversy, but is valued solely on the quality and consistency of its hard-hitting analysis and reports.
  • SGH’s reports rise above the analytical silos, conflicts of interest, and institutional biases that often plague conventional media, think tanks, and street research.