Kevin Muehring, former head of content for Medley Global Advisors, joining SGH Macro Advisors

March 22, 2011

I am very pleased to inform our friends and clients that Kevin Muehring is joining our team here at SGH Macro Advisors. Kevin was head of G7 and worldwide content at Medley Global Advisors between 2000 and 2007. As a colleague and fellow member of the original group who joined MGA at its inception in 1998, Kevin played a critical role in building Medley up to become the preeminent source of macro policy intelligence to financial institutions and governments, leading to its eventual sale to outside investors.

In addition to running all sourcing and content, he directly provided much of MGA’s Fed, Washington and Middle East coverage by drawing on extensive relationships developed over the years with policymakers from Riyadh to Frankfurt and Washington.

Prior to MGA, Kevin was a journalist based in Saudi Arabia, writing for the Saudi Gazette newspaper and contributing to the International Herald Tribune and Financial Times. He then joined Institutional Investor magazine, where he was an award-winning journalist as the magazine’s European Bureau Chief in London and later as its New York-based senior writer on US and international macro policy.

With the addition of Kevin’s considerable talents and resources to SGH Macro Advisors, we look forward to further deepening and expanding our reach and to continuing to try and deliver to you the most accurate, market relevant, and cutting edge intelligence available on the critical policy events driving global financial markets.

Sassan Ghahramani
President and CEO, SGH Macro Advisors

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