SGH Macro Advisors Expands In Sales, Energy, Mideast, Japan, US, And Europe Coverage

April 15, 2015

NEW YORK, April 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — SGH Macro Advisors, LLC, a New York-based macro policy research firm founded in 2009 serving the world’s leading hedge funds, asset managers, and financial policymakers, is pleased to announce an expansion in sales and content, including Energy, Mideast, Japan, US and Europe coverage.

Sales – Robert J. Hanney has joined the firm as Director of Sales. Prior to joining SGH, Hanney was Director of Sales at Medley Global Advisors, where he was consistently one of the firm’s top salesman for over six years, and before that spent over fifteen years on Wall Street as a broker and securities principal.

In addition to expanding in sales, SGH Macro Advisors has further expanded its content coverage in the US, Europe, Mideast, and Japan and launched a new deepened coverage of global oil and gas markets through arrangements with:

Petroleum Policy Intelligence – A London-based firm focusing on Oil, Gas, the Middle East and North Africa, headed by Bill Farren-Price, formerly Energy Director at MGA and an editor for the Middle East Economic Survey in Cyprus.

Bouquet de Florettes – A Tokyo-based firm focusing on Japanese policy, economics, and politics headed by Haruyoshi Mabuchi, formerly Chief Strategist for the Nikko Group and Nikko Securities.

Dome Advisors LLC – A Washington-based firm focusing on US fiscal policy and politics headed by Michael Boland, who has over four decades of experience on and off Capitol Hill at the highest levels.

Strasbourger – A Brussels-based office launched by SGH in 2014 to cover EU and European affairs, spearheaded by Alfonso Ricciardelli, formerly with the European Commission’s DG Internal Market.

“The proliferation of research firms, economic experts, trading platforms, think tanks, and blogs covering macro policy over the last few years has driven clients to increasingly seek a credible, high-end service like ours that is held solely and strictly accountable to the accuracy and quality of the information it provides – information they use to make critical investment decisions in an environment of enormous policy volatility,” said Sassan Ghahramani, founder and CEO of SGH Macro Advisors.

“At SGH, we have a long tradition and deep expertise in connecting policy with financial markets, and we feel this is an ideal window for further expanding the content coverage scope of our firm, and for leveraging the fundamental competitive advantages I believe we hold over other firms providing policy advice or research to investors.”

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