COVID-19: Developments on Vaccines

Published on May 18, 2020

Financial markets exploded today on the release of positive results from a small Phase 1 trial of a mRNA type vaccine for COVID-19 that is under development by Moderna. We are pleased to share here a brief report by epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Zaidi, prepared exclusively for SGH Macro Advisors, reviewing the data, progress, and next steps in that trial, as well as in a couple of other promising vaccine trials. For a more extensive treatment of the subject, we would refer you also to SGH 4/28/2020, “COVID-19: Tests, Treatments, and Vaccines”.

As with the other COVID pieces, we remind you that this report was not generated internally by SGH Macro Advisors and represents the best efforts of Dr. Zaidi to collect, analyze and provide information on this complex and very important topic. SGH has not edited the contents of the report except for flow and style: the report is provided for informational value only and does not in any way constitute investment advice.

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