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SGH Macro Advisors hosts private roundtable meetings and events for clients and senior policymakers and will on occasion share its insights and grant interviews to selective media upon request.  Contact us for more information.

Barron's - March 30, 2017
CEO Sassan Ghahramani and senior analyst Kevin Muehring write: We understand Saudi oil policy officials have reaffirmed the Kingdom and its key Gulf oil producing allies are highly likely to extend the Vienna agreement on output cuts for another six months, and stand ready to cut output by more in the second half of this year...
Bloomberg - March 24, 2017
The probability of the Republican-crafted health-care legislation collapsing may now be as high as 60-40, and it’s likely the White House will “quickly shift the political agenda within days to an accelerated drive for the tax-reform legislation,” SGH Macro Advisors CEO Sassan Ghahramani writes in note...
Barron's - March 3, 2017
The global strategists at SGH Macro Advisors, CEO Sassan Ghahramani and Kevin Muehring, note that maintaining economic stability has been the top priority of China’s decision makers, followed by preventing financial risk, preventing capital outflows, and ensuring foreign currency reserves do not fall too sharply. Here’s what they predicted would be among the top talking points this weekend...
Bloomberg Markets TV - December 29, 2016
SGH Macro Advisors President and CEO Sassan Ghahramani discusses Fed policy, the change in administration and possible geopolitical risk in 2017. He speaks with Vonnie Quinn and Oliver Renick on “Bloomberg Markets.”
Barron's - November 2, 2016
With oil prices sinking toward $45 per barrel this week, the Middle East experts at SGH Macro Advisors say that a compromise to prop up prices could be imminent among big OPEC producers...
Barron's - October 18, 2016
When U.S. markets awaken Wednesday, China’s third quarter economic growth will be at center stage. If the number is lower than expected, global markets won’t be happy and the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets exchange-traded fund (EEM) could come under pressure. But SGH Macro Advisors CEO Sassan Ghahramani and Kevin Muehring, senior managing director, note that the Chinese government has broadcast a narrow outcome, based on government GDP estimates cobbled together from nine departments. GDP is expected to be between 6.7-6.8%, and should remain around 6.7% in the fourth quarter, “with a slight lean to 6.8%,” note the folks at SGH, a consultant to asset managers and policy makers on the global economy...
September 27, 2016
SGH Hosts Dinner Roundtable with Corey R. Lewandowski – Former Campaign Manager for Donald J. Trump and CNN Political Contributor
Barron's - September 26, 2016
The informal meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries or OPEC on Wednesday in the capital of Algeria could lay the groundwork for a production freeze or quotas — but in November, says SGH Macro Advisors... Sassan Ghahramani, CEO of SGH, a New York consultant to asset managers and policy makers on the global economy, and Kevin Muehring, managing director, explain that the much-ballyhooed OPEC “meeting” in Algiers this week has no decision making authority and is tacked to the end of an energy conference that began today. SGH is among the skeptics about a near-term production freeze. They write...
Bloomberg - June 1, 2016
"This move in the yen is maybe more about a risk-off move, than sort of a positive sentiment," Sassan Ghahramani, chief executive officer of SGH Macro Advisors, said on Bloomberg Television. "People got a little bit ahead of themselves and were expecting some sort of announcement on a supplementary budget. When that didn’t come, I think there was a bit of a disappointment trade."
Market News International - May 17, 2016
US TSYS: SGH Macro says "A Fed messaging offensive is underway, culminating with Chair Yellen's twin speaking engagements on May 27 and June 6, to move market pricing higher for a June rate move." Data are stronger.
Bloomberg - May 13, 2016
Peter Praet, the ECB’s chief economist, met with Nomura, Germany’s Deka Group and Brussels-based BNP Paribas Fortis, as well visiting SGH Macro Advisers in New York...
April 6, 2016
SGH held a Dinner Roundtable in London with Saudi/oil expert Dr. Mohamed Ramady hosted by SGH Macro Advisors’ founder and CEO, Sassan Ghahramani which featured a discussion on Oil, Mideast, and Macro Markets.
March 24, 2016
SGH Hosts Dinner Roundtable with H.E. Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States
CNBC - March 10, 2016
...But Draghi, in Thursday's news conference, dismissed the notion that the central bank was out of ammunition. SGH Macro Advisors agreed, saying markets were missing how effective the ECB's broad-based measures could be. "Indeed, in pushing its stimulus deeper into the banking system, credit markets, and peripheral countries, the ECB may have delivered a rather powerful — and desperately needed — boost to the real economy," SGH Macro Advisors wrote in a note.
Bloomberg - February 22, 2016
(Bloomberg) -- OPEC meeting of tech experts scheduled for March is another step in a “trust-building path” toward possible output cuts between the organization and key non-OPEC producers that could come into “sharper view” as early as this summer, Sassan Ghahramani, CEO of SGH Macro Advisors, writes in a note to clients.
Barron's - February 17, 2016
Oil prices may be showing signs of a bottom, and Saudi Arabia and other big producers might be willing to settle for prices near $45 per barrel, says Sassan Ghahramani, CEO of SGH Macro Advisors...An expert on Iran and Saudi Arabia, Ghahramani just told Bloomberg that he doesn’t think there is an “extra bid” — a premium — in oil prices because of geopolitical risk, but rather the opposite. He said he thinks we have seen “some bottoming” in oil prices with spikes higher. While acknowledging a freeze in oil production announced by Russia and the Saudis, Ghahramani said the process of shoring up prices will be a long one with big players – including Iran — attempting to build trust when they are rivals, and “quite frankly enemies” in some cases. But oil-price threshholds are moving lower with a global glut of crude, boosted by U.S. supplies.
Bloomberg - February 12, 2016
Bank of Japan undertook “rate check” calls to some banks to check levels of USD/JPY, which caused a spike in the pair, Sassan Ghahramani, head of SGH Macro Advisors, said in a note.
Barron's - February 11, 2016
With a ceasefire in Syria brewing, and the Saudi king likely visiting Russia within weeks, the world’s biggest oil producers could cut output “sometime in March,” SGH Macro Advisors said late Thursday.
January 14, 2016
SGH Hosts Dinner Roundtable with renowned Iran expert Carnegie Endowment for Peace’s Karim Sadjadpour