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April 28, 2016

Representatives from the “Institutions” (the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Stability Mechanism, and European Commission) were unable on Tuesday to finalize an agreement with Greece to conclude the

September 21, 2015

For all the press and pre-election drama over poll releases showing Greece’s opposition New Democracy party in a dead heat, and with the potential to upset Alexis Tispras’ Syriza party

September 15, 2015

As Greek citizens head to the polls this Sunday September 20 for the third time this year, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ pared down Syriza Party has been sliding from its

August 14, 2015

Reports in the press of a German Finance Ministry document supposedly for internal use only critical of Greece’s Memorandum of Understanding agreement have raised concerns in markets that Berlin may

August 06, 2015

Negotiations between Greece and the EU are playing out in line with our last report (see SGH 7/31/15, “Greece: September Elections and a Deal”). It remains possible that an agreement

July 31, 2015

Officials from the newly dubbed “Quadriga” (the EU, IMF, ECB and – new to the game – the ESM) arrived in Athens last Monday on the thankless mission of quantifying

July 22, 2015

On tonight’s vote: The Greek Parliament will vote tonight to pass the second round of measures agreed to at the historic weekend meeting between Greece and its EU partners on

July 17, 2015

A successful conclusion of the bailout program for Greece agreed to at the political level last Monday is predicated on the successful completion of four major, and contentious, steps, the

July 13, 2015

The successful end to the brutal negotiations between Greece and the European Union heads of state into the early hours of this morning led to a near capitulation by Greek

July 09, 2015

The new Greek proposals for economic overhauls and budget consolidation were presented to the EU late this evening, accompanied by conciliatory letters from Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Finance

July 06, 2015

The most immediate question in the aftermath of the resounding “No” vote in the Greek referendum yesterday is what the European Central Bank will decide on ELA funding for Greek

July 02, 2015

As Greece goes into the weekend with the yes or no campaigns in full swing for Sunday’s momentous Referendum vote, the headline that really caught our attention was Finance Minister

June 30, 2015

Financial markets are recovering from the sharp sell-off yesterday on leaks that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has floated a last minute proposal to potentially break the impasse with Greece

June 28, 2015

The surprise decision by Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday, with no time left to spare as all sides were entering into the final stage of the brutal negotiations

June 25, 2015

Headlines out of Brussels today and wildly divergent reactions from government officials to the latest flurry of rumored proposals and counterproposals have confused markets, to say the least, further exacerbated

June 23, 2015

Representatives from the Institutions and from Greece are currently working night and day in Brussels to hammer out the details of an agreement that would guarantee an extension of the

June 18, 2015

In previous reports we have laid out various road maps presented by EU officials for reaching if not a full agreement, at least a working group level agreement allowing for

June 11, 2015

Wire services this morning reported Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem to have said a deal by the next Eurogroup meeting (June 18) is still possible. Well perhaps, but that would be

June 10, 2015

After a great deal of public acrimony and recriminations over the flimsy counter-proposals presented by Greece to its EU partners at this late stage of the game – including a

June 03, 2015

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, ECB President Mario Draghi, and their fellow leaders of the “European Institutions” have been careful not to characterize the joint “proposal”