Lisa Mnieckowski


Lisa Mnieckowski joined SGH Macro Advisors in 2024 as Controller.

Ms. Mnieckowski brings 20 years of financial management experience to SGH. She obtained her CPA while working for BDO as a public auditor prior to moving into a series of corporate leadership positions in SEC-registered public companies in industries ranging from technology to healthcare.

Directly prior to joining SGH, Lisa worked as a financial advisor, professionalizing businesses in sustainable and value-enhancing ways.  At SGH her role supports the highest standards of performance and client satisfaction.

Lisa’s professional accomplishments are combined with the fulfillment of personal achievements, which include raising two children with her spouse and visiting all of America’s 63 National Parks as a family.

Lisa holds a BBA in Accountancy from Siena College and lives in upstate New York with her husband and children.

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