Regina Schleiger

Director of Central Bank Policy Research

Regina Schleiger is the Director of Central Bank Research for SGH Macro Advisors, LLC. (SGH). 

Schleiger has rapidly expanded the firm’s central bank coverage across new institutions and jurisdictions and bolstered the firm’s US Federal Reserve coverage. 

Schleiger is a central bank expert known internationally for her experience and accuracy in providing predictive research, economic policy advice and political risk assessments.  

For SGH she produces written reports on, and coverage of Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Schleiger consults with the breadth of the firm’s global client base.

Schleiger brings to SGH a career of knowledge from years immersed in communicating the policies of fiscal and monetary authorities across North America, Europe, and Asia.  

Her career has focused on improving the market’s understanding of the policy objectives of policy authorities in Australia, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, France and Germany. Her experience has been primarily focused on the US Federal Reserve. 

Previously, Schleiger developed G7 central banking coverage at Medley Global Advisors in senior leadership roles. She trained as an economics and political journalist in Australia and went on to hold senior editorial and leadership positions for Reuters, Bridge News, and Knight-Ridder Financial News abroad. As an international economic policy correspondent, Schleiger received excellence awards for her coverage of central banks, finance ministries, and treasuries across regions and for her work on central bank, G7, and G20 policy issues. 

As a conference panelist and moderator Schleiger has contributed to a variety of economic and policy associations around the world and is a member of the National Association for Business Economics, the Money Marketeers of New York University and the Global Interdependence Center. She lives in Manhattan with her two stellar kids.

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