Victor Mendez-Barreira

ECB Analyst

Victor Mendez-Barreira joined SGH Macro Advisors in 2024 as a central bank analyst focused on the European Central Bank.

Prior to joining SGH, Mendez-Barreira worked for the specialized publication Central Banking for over six years as a financial journalist. Initially based in London, he started covering central bank reserve management and monetary policy in Latin America and North Africa, writing in-depth analyses on topics such as gold as a reserve asset and interviewing central bank governors from Colombia to Tunisia.

In 2019 Victor moved to Germany to cover the ECB from Frankfurt. There, he developed an extensive network of contacts both among Eurosystem officials and in the private sector. He wrote numerous reports covering the ECB’s response to the Covid-19 crisis, including the implementation of the key Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program (PEPP). Mendez-Barreira also reported on the central bank’s strategy review, collateral scarcity in the eurozone’s repo market, the inflationary shock of 2022, and the ECB’s operational framework review.

During this period, Victor interviewed key ECB governing council members including the governors of the German, Dutch, and Spanish central banks.

Mendez-Barreira speaks Spanish and German, and lives with his wife and son in Frankfurt.

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